Tuesday, March 31, 2015

35:120 Men of the Otherworld: Collection 1 by Yasmine Galernorn

Short stories about Roz, Roman, Shade, Trillian, and Chase that fill in gaps in their lives but that don't fit into the novels.

The Hunger - Roz and Fraale are living their idyllic life until the day that Zeus shows up and decides he has the hots for Fraale.  In the midst of her refusal and Roz's trying to decide how they can get away from the lecherous god, Hera shows up and is furious about Zeus's eye wondering yet again.  This is the story that tells their story and how their lives were shattered by jealousy.

Blood Ties - Roman's brother has come to town and courtesy requires more of Roman than he truly wants to give and will prompt his brother to try and take more than is allowed.  Menolly and Nerissa will be entangled in this but what about Blood Wine?

Ink Bonds - Trillian has taken a job to bring a message to his least favorite person in the world, Camille's father, on the hopes of finding a way to talk to her and try to repair their off-again relationship.  Seraph takes great delight in informing him that she has been assigned Earth-side so now he must decide if he will pursue her across worlds or not.

Chasing Sharah - Chase has finally worked up the courage to ask Sharah out on a date but awkward does not even begin to describe it starting from his first step on the porch.  It's a relief when work calls with an emergency.

The Purr-fect Weekend - Shade has been looking forward to a weekend alone with Delilah for ages but now that it has arrived, it is not quite going the way he envisioned.  First she is subject to one of Camille's spell disasters and can't shift back from her cat form.  Next, well, dealing with her in cat form is always, um, interesting.

A fun collection with a lot of fill-in stories that were nice.  The second collection just came out and features the rest of the guys each getting their own tale.

Page count: 65p/7,277p ytd/222,211p lifetime

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