Wednesday, March 11, 2015

22:120 Double Star by Robert Heinlein

Lorenzo Smythe was a down on his luck actor looking to find an easy mark when a spacer walked into the bar and he made his move.  He had no idea how his life was about to change as he was given the role of a lifetime: impersonating a major political figure in order to save face and an alliance with the Martians.  He has little time to get this role down right but Lorenzo is nothing if not a consummate actor, if you can believe his opinion.  He manages to pull it off and save the deal but that's when things get complicated.  The existing government resigns and while the person he is portraying is found after his kidnapping, he is in no shape to resume his life in politics just yet so Lorenzo is talked into continuing for just a little longer.  Just how much longer that will be is anyone's guess.

I was hoping for more from this book.  It was clear early on where the story was going to go but I figured there were a few different twists and turns it could take and I was hoping it would go in some direction other than the completely obvious and typical one these stories take.  Unfortunately it didn't.  Not a bad story if you are looking for some light fluff but it's not deep in any sense of the word.  The characters are fairly shallow and the plot predictable.

Page count: 256p/5,113p ytd/220,047p lifetime

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