Sunday, March 22, 2015

27:120 Branded by Kelley Armstrong

Post-apocalyptic, dystopian setting, what could have happened if the weres/demons/witches/vampires came out to humans and things did not go well.  Humans now live in small fortresses barricaded against the things that live outside them.  Resources are scarce and anyone that isn't purely human is cast out (if they are lucky) to fend for themselves.  Life is hard inside the fortresses for anyone not of the top 6 families so Rayne and Braeden come up with a plan to try and make it on the outside.

Don't go looking for any of your favorite Otherworld characters in this as this isn't part of their story.  This is a hypothetical time line so the world is very different.  I liked the twists and turns the story took with nothing being revealed until the moment.  There was only enough world building and character development to move the main plot since this was a short story but it was still an interesting read and I wouldn't mind reading more set in that world.

Page count: 38p/5,614p ytd/220,548p lifetime

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