Monday, March 30, 2015

34:120 Ghosts of Bourbon Street by Seanan McGuire

Short story set in the Incryptid universe featuring Verity Price and Dominic  De Luca. Verity is taking Dominic home to meet her family but considering everything they have gone through and his former position with the Covenant of St. George which Verity's family is on the run from and has been for generations.  Verity has proposed that they drive cross-country with their belongings mostly so she has time to try and prepare him for what he is walking into with her family.  Along the way, they stop in New Orleans and Verity calls her Aunt Rose who happens to be a ghost.  While out for drinks with Rose, they are contacted by another ghost who needs help with a recently deceased man who is ruining the Mardi Gras floats of the dead...

A fun story that crosses the Ghost of Sparrow Hill Road into the Incryptid universe and with the currently family.  Best read after you have read that and the first two books in the Incryptid series.

Page count: 51p/7,212p ytd/222,146p lifetime

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