Wednesday, September 28, 2011

104:82 Darkness Unbound by Keri Arthur

This is the first in her new Dark Angels series set in the same universe as the Riley Jensen series.  It's been about 20yrs since we left Riley.  She has left the Directorate and has the family life she dreamed of and every Thursday, she has lunch with Dai and her daughter Risa.  Risa is now 28yrs old and as a half-Aedh/half-werewolf, she has some unusual characteristics.  She has some clairvoyance but what makes her very unique is her ability to see the Reapers, the energy beings who escort departed souls to the light or dark path and eventual rebirth.  Her mother has asked her to go pay a call on some friends to see if their daughter will pull through her illness and what Risa finds instead is that the child's soul has been ripped out and destroyed so there will be no rebirth for this little one.  Now she is being followed around by her own Reaper and everybody is after her trying to find out more about her father whom she has never met but who apparently holds the key to destroying the gates on the dark path.

Really loved coming back to this world but with fresh new characters.  There is just enough appearances by the familiar old characters to satisfy but their story was told and it's Risa's turn now.   As a part werewolf in this universe, there is definitely time spent getting hot and heavy but there is a good deal of character building, backstories, and plot that it's not just a simple romance.  If you liked the Riley Jensen books, especially the first four, you'll enjoy this one.  The second one comes out next month and I'm so glad I don't have to wait after the way this one ended.

Page count: 383p/24,630p ytd

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

104:81 Night Veil by Yasmine Galenorn

The 2nd book in the Indigo Court series.  Myst has Grieve and Cicely's fate is completely entwined with his. The vampires and summer court are pulling her in one direction but her heart and conscience are pulling in another.  When she has to make the choice, which will win?  And what will it cost her?

Absolutely non-stop book.  Action, politics, intrigue, and oh yeah, past life regression and demons too.  What more could a girl want?!  Another incredible series by Ms. Galenorn.  I can't wait for the next one!

Page count: 317p/24,247p ytd

Saturday, September 17, 2011

104:80 Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn

The first book in the Indigo Court series by Yasmine Galenorn (author of the Sisters of the Otherworld series). Cicely Waters is a magic-born, a witch, who has been on the run with her mother for years but now she's been called back home for the Indigo Court is stirring and she may be the key to their downfall.  Can she save her aunt? Her friend? Her lover?  And what will the cost be to save any of them?

I read this in 2 days, it was soooo good and so hard to put down.  An interesting mix of fae, vampires, shape-changers, and witches are brought to life in this tale with Ms. Galenorn's usual artistry.  I love her extreme attention to detail that she weaves in so well without slowing down the story in the slightest.  This looks to be another excellent series by her and I'm thankful to have the next one waiting for me.

Page Count: 317p/23,930p ytd

104:79 These Happy Golden Years by Laura Ingalls Wilder

A simply lovely story detailing the courtship of Almanzo and Laura as well as Laura's growing up.  You see the steady, innocent affection shared by both of them and enjoy the quiet but sure way their relationship grows.  It was lovely to read a book where things were basically happy and good for all after everything we've seen the family go through. To know that their goodness and faith have brought them through to such a good helps to restore faith in the universe.

Page count: 289p/23,613p ytd

Thursday, September 15, 2011

104:78 Paths Not Taken by Simon R. Green

The 5th book in the Nightside series by Simon Green.  Last book John Taylor finally found out that his mother was none other than Adam's first wife, Lilith.  A being with incredible power and who created the Nightside.  She's back and has decided that the Nightside has lost it's way and is no longer serving the purpose for which she intended so she is preparing to destroy it and start anew.  But not if her son has anything to say about it.

John proposes going back through time to the beginnings of the Nightside to see if he can gain clues from that to help him thwart his mother in the upcoming battle.  Father Time sends him back but only part way and from there, John and his companions are on their own.

A lot of mysteries are cleared up in this one and it sets the stage nicely for the war to come.  So glad I have the rest of the series (that's written so far) waiting in the wings.  It's a fun series that's capable of entertaining me without making me think but it's easy enough to read a few pages and the put down and go about my day.  And the best part is my teenager likes them so it gives us a series that we both enjoy to chat about.  There is nothing better than that!

Page count: 262p/23,324p ytd

104:77 The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making by Catherynne Valente

September runs away with the Green Wind to Fairyland where he must leave her to have her own adventures.  Unfortunately, Fairyland used to be a wonderful place under Queen Mallow but she disappeared and now it's been taken over by The Marquess who has imposed all these rules and regulations and nothing can fly but the winged cats, not even dragons or lovely wveryns.  September ends up in front of the Marquess who threatens her new friends if September doesn't do her a favor.  Little do either of them know what the consequences of her accepting will be...

An interesting take on Fairyland.  I found it to be a bit of a slow read with the complex explanations and long-winded tone it takes from time to time, mostly in the beginning.  I enjoyed it overall tho but I'm not sure how long my boys would sit still for it although I'll try and find out at some point since it is a children's book and I'd like to get the children's take on it.

Page count: 247p/23,062p ytd

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

104:76 Countdown & Apocalypse Scenario #683 by Mira Grant

One short novella and one short story by Mira Grant set in the Newsflesh world.  I'm counting them as one book since they are so short.

I read this one as she was publishing it on her blog in the 30 days before the release of Deadline so much was familiar but this was definitely tightened up and flowed better.  Such a fabulous author and it was incredible to read about the events that led up to the world we are introduced to in Feed.

Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box
A group of friends gather on a Friday night as they have every Friday for the past 15yrs to discuss a situation where the world ends and how they would deal with it.  This time, the friend who started it and whose turn it is has left a taped message with her scenario as she is missing for the third week in a row.  Only her scenario may not be fictional after all...

Wasn't my favorite of her work.  Not bad but predictable except this person wasn't involved in the Kellis-Amberlee virus that brings about The Rising.  The ending was good tho and made me want to scream at her for not finishing it.  Maybe this is where she goes in this world after Shaun and George's story is told?

(no page count as these are eBook format only)

104:75 The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

The first book of short stories pertaining to Sherlock Holmes.  These are much more the sort of thing that you think of when you think of Sherlock Holmes rather than the first book.  I enjoyed them but found that due to the short story format, while the mysteries were fun the solution was frequently rushed through.  There were no clues laid out that the reader might follow rather it was "Holmes went out and came back with the solution" and then you are told what he found and how that told him the clues.  I would rather follow Holmes on the chase for clues and see them as he does.

Page count: 320p/22,815p ytd

Saturday, September 10, 2011

104:74 One Salt Sea by Seanan McGuire

The 5th book in the October Daye series.  The sons of the Duchess of Saltmist have been kidnapped and Toby must find them in order to prevent a war between Land and Sea.  Whoever has taken them tho, is very determined to have this war happen and will stop at nothing, not even Oberon's Law, to make it happen.  Even if Toby can find the boys, it may not stop the war.

Another absolutely amazing and brilliant addition to this series.  I had to stop at a few points near the end because the intensity was just becoming too much.  I kept thinking, "Ok, this is just too much for me right now (at midnight). I'll put it down and finish in the morning" but I just couldn't.  I'd set it down for a moment, take some deep breaths and dive right back in.  Absolutely one of my favorite urban fantasy series around!

Page count: 354p/22,141p ytd

Monday, September 5, 2011

104:73 Kitty's Greatest Hits by Carrie Vaughn

A collection of short stories set in Kitty's world.  Only a few of these stories dealt directly with Kitty, rather most were about other characters that we know and finding out more about them including Cormac and Rick.

Can I just say, OMG!  I absolutely loved this book.  There were a few stories that were only "good" but the majority were just incredible.  Learning about Cormac's background and then what happened when he was in prison, the relationship between him and Ben.  Just really made me like him even more.  And then Rick's story! I have to say that was my only disappointment with the whole book is that while we now know how he was turned, that's got to be only the tip of the iceberg and we that's all we got!  I wanted more and can only hope that he will continue to be explored in the future.

Page count: 318p/22,141p ytd