Tuesday, September 13, 2011

104:76 Countdown & Apocalypse Scenario #683 by Mira Grant

One short novella and one short story by Mira Grant set in the Newsflesh world.  I'm counting them as one book since they are so short.

I read this one as she was publishing it on her blog in the 30 days before the release of Deadline so much was familiar but this was definitely tightened up and flowed better.  Such a fabulous author and it was incredible to read about the events that led up to the world we are introduced to in Feed.

Apocalypse Scenario #683: The Box
A group of friends gather on a Friday night as they have every Friday for the past 15yrs to discuss a situation where the world ends and how they would deal with it.  This time, the friend who started it and whose turn it is has left a taped message with her scenario as she is missing for the third week in a row.  Only her scenario may not be fictional after all...

Wasn't my favorite of her work.  Not bad but predictable except this person wasn't involved in the Kellis-Amberlee virus that brings about The Rising.  The ending was good tho and made me want to scream at her for not finishing it.  Maybe this is where she goes in this world after Shaun and George's story is told?

(no page count as these are eBook format only)

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