Monday, March 16, 2015

25:120 IM by Seanan McGuire

Incryptid short story.  Arthur has always had a hard time what being a half-incubus so computers have always been his preferred way to deal with the outside world.  His family understands and loves and accepts him and the way he is.  And then there is Sarah, the cuckoo that was adopted into the family who understands him more than most.  Now Sarah has had her mind damaged and since no one understands the cuckoo biology well, no one knows when or even if she will ever recover and be their 'Sarah' ever again.  Arthur continues to hold out hope, calling constantly and cursing the fact that she is in Oregon and he in Ohio, not going there because he knows he'll be turned away but feeling frustrated and helpless.

This is really a short little thing for those who have read at least the first two books of the Incryptid series, not needed to understand anything in the books but a nice little add-on.

Page count: 11p/5,506p ytd/220,440p lifetime

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