Tuesday, March 10, 2015

21:120 Marine Biology by Gail Carriger

Alex is a werewolf.  That in itself would not be a big deal.  His father is the beta of their pack and his brothers are all werewolves as well but Alex has known he was different.  He's not built like a werewolf but is on the scrawny side plus he's gay.  He never expected to survive his first change but not only has he continued to survive but now his alpha has given him to the merepeople who are looking for a selkie who has stolen a large sum of money from them and fled to the area.  Now Alex is teamed up with a seriously flirty merman who has the hots for him (and the feeling is definitely reciprocated) while he is trying to stay in the closet.  This case looks to be opening a lot of doors for Alex's future.

I loved the way things played out between these characters and found her take on the creatures in keeping with typical mythos while having some fresh little twists put on it.  Really enjoyable.

Page count: 38p/4,857p ytd/219,791p lifetime

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