Saturday, March 28, 2015

30:120 The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman

The final installment in His Dark Materials trilogy.  Lyra and Will are being pursued by all sides, some to stop them and some to help them but none to tell them what is going on so they continue to stumble along doing what their gut instincts tell them to do and everyone else usually a few steps behind.  There is a big battle between Lord Asriel and Metatron.  Things get resolved, yada yada yada.

Honestly, this book was a slog.  The first book had some interesting world building and concepts going on so I stuck with it.  The second book was sloggy but I know that second books can do that so I went to the third hoping it would get better.

It didn't.

If anything, it was the worst of the three.  The character development was basically non-existent until the end when we must make Lyra and Will fall in love because that is the formula.  There were pages spent describing the scenery of every single world visited, every, single, time.  I didn't care about any of the characters, I didn't care if all the worlds went up in flames (actually that would have made it interesting).  It was dull, boring, predictable, and formulaic to the extreme and I honestly don't know what all the fuss was about with them.  I'm not glad I read them and I want those hours of my life back to spend reading books I would actually enjoy.

Page count: 465p/6,433p ytd/221,367p lifetime

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