Friday, March 6, 2015

20:120 Bind By the River by Stefon Mears

Terlik is on the run as his master is facing a challenger he doesn't know he can beat.  Terlik has instructions to travel as a messenger and seek shelter from the forest people but this means hard riding with no supplies or weapons.  This leads to him being alone, exhausted, starving, and unarmed when he meets a woman by the river who shares her food with him but reveals during their conversation that she has been sent to kill him.  She may regret it but she has taken the money and her honor demands that she fulfill her obligation.  Now Terlik must find a way to either outwit or outfight her if he wants to survive.

There is definitely more going on behind the scenes here and while I enjoyed the tale, there were a lot of unanswered questions (ok, I get that it's a me thing) and such a bigger world hinted at that I wanted to know more about.

Page count: 19p/4,819p ytd/219,753p lifetime

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