Wednesday, April 1, 2015

36:120 An Age of Voyages by Mary E. Weisner-Hanks

Middle-school history detailing the impact of trade and seafaring on civilizations around the world from 1350CE-1600CE.  I found that this one, unlike many in the series, focused more on the impact on Europe from trade.  There was one chapter on China, one on Africa mostly discussing how slavery impacted Europe, and then one on Central and South America that talked about how Spain benefited from what they got there.  Very little was discussed on how those things hurt the natives and what the long term impact was on them which I found disheartening.  Otherwise, it was pretty standard and a bit duller than the previous ones but still better than many textbooks covering this topic.

Page count: 189p/7,466p ytd/222,400p lifetime

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