Thursday, April 2, 2015

37:120 Bury Me In Satin by Seanan McGuire

Things are settling down for Jonathan and Fran as they watch their little Alice growing up.  One day Jonathan's father, Alexander, is asked to check in on Mary Dunlavy's father who hasn't been to work in a week.  Since Mary babysits Alice for Fran and Jonathan, Alex asks Fran to go over there.  She finds much more than she ever expected when the tray of cookies she hands to Mary slips through her ghostly hands and it's revealed that she has been dead for years.  She became a ghost to care for her father but now he won't wake up and she is lost.  Fran and Enid work together to bring peace for her and her father.

I was wondering when Mary's nature was going to be revealed to the Healy's and was surprised they hadn't picked up on it sooner.  This story still doesn't really explain why they didn't but it was a nice resolution for Mary.

Page count: 30p/7,496p ytd/222,430p lifetime

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