Saturday, April 11, 2015

41:120 Shifting Shadows by Patricia Briggs

A collection of stories set in the Mercy Thompson universe.  There is only one Mercy story in the collection, four of the stories are new and six are previously published.  Of those that have been published before, I'd read half of them so I felt like the collection was well worth the price but your opinion may vary on that.  I'm just going to do a run-down on the new material here.

Silver ~ The story of how Bran and Samuel became werewolves and Samuel's previous association with the fae, Arina.  This is not a happy story and I'm pretty sure it could be triggery for victims of abuse so read with caution.  The best part was the deeper insight into Bran.

Roses in Winter ~ Kara is the youngest person ever to survive a werewolf attack and the subsequent transformation but she is still unable to control her wolf and by Bran's laws she must be put down but Bran doesn't want to do it and is looking for a way around his own laws.  Kara stumbles into Asil's greenhouse and the two strike up the unlikeliest of friendships.  Asil is old and waiting to die but Kara is young and in need of help and she touches something within him.  Between him and Bran, maybe they can find a way to help her find her control.  A sweet tale and gripping.

Redemption ~ Some back story and a bit more insight on Ben.  I found this one a bit choppy and unfulfilling.

Hollow ~ A new Mercy tale.  Mercy ends up being called in to deal with a haunting but the case ends up being far from simple.  It has everything we've come to expect from a Mercy tale although a bit more Adam would have been nice although he does come in at the end.  Unfortunately, it's just making me miss them more and more and wish longingly for their next book.

In all, I enjoyed the collection and diving back into that universe.

Page count: 450p/8,725p ytd/223,659p lifetime

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