Tuesday, April 7, 2015

39:120 Black Widow by Jennifer Estep

Elemental Assassin Book 12.  Madeline Monroe has finally decided it's time to take Gin out but not in a frontal assault kind of way like her mother tried.  Madeline is more about wrecking havoc and using the 'law' of Ashland to get Gin and her friends out of her way and that was her biggest mistake.  Going after Gin directly is one thing and she can take that but going after her friends, their businesses, and then the Pork Pit?!  Yeah, that is taking things several steps too far and Gin is about to rain all over Madeline's parade.

A good installment in the series. It started out a touch slow but ramped up quickly and didn't stop.  Less repetition of the interior monologue variety this time although it was till present, just not annoyingly so.  Nice use of flashbacks as foreshadowing without hitting you over the head too heavily with the portent.  I'm really hoping that the Monroe saga is over now and we can move in a new direction.  The preview chapter for the next book was hilarious and watching Gin trying to be the big, bad yet diplomatic crime boss may end up being her hardest challenge ever (and hilarious to read).

Page count: 357p/8,162p ytd/223,096p lifetime

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