Saturday, April 11, 2015

42:120 Celtic Moon by Jan DeLima

The first in the Celtic Wolves series, a new series by a new author. Sophie ran away from Dylan and his world on the night he transformed into a werewolf to show her  why she must give up her old life.  It's been 16 years and he has been searching for her and their child ever since but now she has called him of her volition because something is wrong with their son.  As Sophie makes the decision to take Joshua to his father, she knows that it will be one of the hardest things in her life.  As a human, she was treated horribly by Dylan's pack but she will do whatever it takes to keep her son safe as she has been doing for the last 16 years.  What she was unprepared for was the awakening of all those old feelings being near Dylan again would stir up and the fact that Dylan had just arranged for a meeting with other pack leaders in preparation for the possibility of going to war against the Guardians, the ancient leaders of their race who were created by their goddess to protect her son, Taliesin, but who have become brutal despots wanting to kill or enslave all of their kind that are not pure enough.  Dylan broke away centuries ago to protect his brother who was born wolf and was unable to change to human for hundreds of years and for his sister who has power but cannot change her skin.  Now a banner of the Guardians has been left on his land and he will do whatever he must to protect his people and most especially his mate and child.

This mythology is taking more from the Celtic side of things which is what made me pick it up in the first place.  I love the fact that this is not a typical lust at first sight book where the guy sees the girl and decides she's the one without their knowing the first thing about each other.  Those books annoy the freaking heck out of me and the odds are high that this would have gotten thrown at a wall if it had been.  Instead, we see the aftermath of bad relationship decisions and are there as Sophie and Dylan figure out how to actually communicate and have a true relationship together.

I was really looking forward to following their story but as I've now started the second book, it's following the pattern of throwing a new pair together every book.  It remains to be seen if the stories are worth it or if they are going to turn into "Me Tarzan, you Jane, let's f***".  I'm hoping not as the world has potential.

Page count: 293p/9,018p ytd/223,952p lifetime

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