Saturday, April 11, 2015

40:120 Black Water by Faith Hunter

A collection of three short stories set in the world of Jane Yellowrock and a preview of Broken Soul.

Black Water - takes place between Blood Trade and Black Arts. Jane and her team took out a group of shapeshifters but one of them had a brother in prison and he is not taking kindly to the murder of his sister.  He has escaped and is looking for Jane to take some revenge and is just fine going through other people to do so.

Snafu - takes place before the series starts and chronicles Jane's 'interview' for her first PI job after leaving the Christian children's home she had been in for several years.  It also introduces Nomad who is apparently someone that we are going to hear more about in the future.

Off the Grid - takes place just before Broken Soul and introduces us to the character of Nell, a woman who has had a hard life and meets Jane at the door with a shotgun when Jane comes to ask for her help.  She is going to be staring in her own series later this year.

I really enjoyed the stories but I think they are best read if you have at least read up until Broken Soul.  I don't remember much of Blood Trade but there was just enough in the short story to jog the memory enough to not feel lost.  It's always nice to get more of Jane's back story like we did with Snafu and I'm definitely very interested in Nell and where she is going.  I haven't read Broken Soul yet and now there is Dark Heir as well so I'm definitely behind and need to fix that.

Page count: 113p/8,275p ytd/223,209p lifetime

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