Tuesday, April 21, 2015

45:120 Summer Moon by Jan DeLima

Rosa is the youngest unmated, full-blooded changeling and as such was married off to the Guardian Math centuries ago when the Guardians wanted Math to move to the New World and keep watch over the Walkers.  Now Math has been killed by Dylan and the Guardians remember a prophecy spoken by Talesin which basically amounts to the rape of Rosa by 8 unmateed Guardians on Beltane.  Rosa wants NO part of this plan, especially after spending centuries under Math's thumb and seeing just how horrible the Guardians treat those she cares about.  She runs to Dylan's pack to try and enlist their aid by offering the most valuable prize she has, control over her lands at Alban and herself as wife, to keep her and hers safe.

Luc is Dylan's brother, unmated although widowed by his beloved Koko.  He is an alpha in his own right but has stayed by his brother's side with unwavering support for all his brother has done for him over the centuries and his brother's vision for their pack but his wolf is restless so when the chance to help his brother comes in the form of wedding Rosa and claiming her territory next door to his brother's, he quickly volunteers.  Neither Rosa nor Luc are looking for anything beyond a marriage of convenience but they quickly find much to respect and admire in the other and find more than either was looking for.

I'm not a huge fan of outright romances and even less so of series that promise a rich world with intricate, overreaching plots that then turn into books of how can we throw two people together as a romance despite their having zero in common or any reason why they should actually be a couple outside of the fact that the author chose to make them one (BDB is especially horrible for this but there are plenty out there).  When I realize that the second book in the series centered on a new couple coming together, I groaned.  The first book was great in that it was a couple that had parted and were coming together (rarely every done) but now we were going back to a standard trope.  I really enjoyed the new world Ms. DeLima had created so I decided to hope and I was not disappointed.  Luc and Rosa found things in common, they were thrust together out of need but came to a mutual respect and understanding.  Yes, there was always sexual tension going on because it's a "paranormal romance" but it wasn't a chest thumping, bodice ripper type of thing.  It's easy enough to guess who the next couple will be but again, it seems like a case of a couple who have been dancing around each other wanting this relationship who will finally get a chance not a "guy sees girl across the street and decides she's the one for him".  I'm actually looking forward to the next installment with anticipation.

Page count: 292p/9,828p ytd/224,762p lifetime

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