Thursday, April 16, 2015

43:120 Dead Heat by Patricia Briggs

The 4th book in the Alpha & Omega series.  Charles is trying to find the perfect present for Anna's birthday coming up and comes up with the idea to buy her a new horse now that she has become a more proficient rider.  Holsteen is the pack leader in Arizona, happens to raise Arabians, and is the father of Joseph who is one of the few people Charles calls friend so naturally that is where he takes Anna.  On the day they arrive though, a spell is placed on Joseph's son's wife Chelsea to kill her children and then herself.  She manages to keep from harming the children but only by hurting herself close to the point of death.  Charles and Anna are with Kage when he gets the call and end up at the house and Charles makes Kage the offer to change his wife.  Kage agrees not only out of grief but also so that they may learn what happened and how to protect the family.  It turns out to be very old fae magic which means one of the fae is no longer on the reservations and has a taste for children.  Anna and Charles cannot let this pass and manage to get in on the investigation in the hopes of saving Joseph's grandchildren but the spirits have spoken to Charles and while Joseph is now an old man, he still has a task to complete in this life and it may be the most important one yet.

This book went from slow to fast to slow to fast a lot which is unusual for Ms. Briggs's books.  It was nice to learn more about Charles and his past but at times those things seemed to slow the rest of the story down which made it harder to stick with it.  In all, it was a good tale but not one of the best ones I've seen from her.

Page count: 324p/9,342p ytd/224,276p lifetime

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