Wednesday, January 30, 2013

15:120 Ever After by Kim Harrison

The 11th book in the Hollows series.  The ley line Rachel inadvertently created in the Ever After has gone from a little leaky to disrupting all the lines and is in the process of collapsing the Ever After.  If it can't be fixed soon, the Ever After will disappear and all the demons with it.  Rachel and Al know that this is the doing of Ku'Sox.  Heck, all the other demons know it too but are too scared of him to do anything so instead they have shifted the responsibility onto Rachel since it is her line.  Fix it or we will kill you before we die.  Ku'Sox of course has more planned than just trying to get Rachel killed.  He has been having her old boyfriend, Nick, and Jenks's son, Jax, helping him steal Rosewood babies and giving them the enzyme that helped Rachel to survive so he can bread more sun-walking demons thus giving the demons in the Ever After more hope and reason to go after Rachel instead of him.  Can Rachel fix the lines in time to save her skin and keep Ku'Sox from continuing whatever it is he's plotting?  And even if she can, what will it end up costing her?

I absolutely love this series but this book had me screaming probably more than any other I can remember.  The choices are impossible and the unthinkable happens when favorite characters die.  Yeah, there's your spoiler.  Ms. Harrison pulled no punches with this one and it's hard.  I'm only glad that we deal with the aftermath and didn't get actual death scenes.  Pretty sure I would have had a real hard time with that.  Otherwise, another incredible installment in this series and I'm not saddened that we will have to wait another year for the next one.  Only two more til the series is over and I still have no idea where Rachel will be when it does.

Page count: 435p/3,528p ytd/147,948p lifetime

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