Wednesday, February 6, 2013

16:120 Underworlds: Ice Dragon by Tony Abbott

The fourth and what seems to be the final book in the Underworlds series.  Owen and his friends are now in the Norse Underworld trying to stop Loki who wishes to bring about the end of days and destroy Odin's throne thinking it will lead him to take Odin's place.  He has Dana and her parents imprisoned somewhere in the underworld as well.  When the time comes, Hades, Kingu, and Anubis all bring forces over from their underworlds in an attempt to stop Loki but Loki has brought powerful forces of his own and it will take all their strength as well as those of Asgard to keep his armies at bay which leaves just Owen, Jon, and Sydney to take on Loki by themselves.  Can they possibly prevail against a god?  And even if they do, can they then be in time to save Dana and her parents and put things back to rights in their own world?

A cute, fun little series with enough mythological elements to introduce some interesting concepts.  No real character development except where necessary to move the story along, it's an action/adventure tale and sticks to that the whole time.  Of course, for my almost 7yr old who this was aimed for it was perfect.  In all, I'd give the series 5 stars considering it's target audience and how well it hits that demographic.

Page count: 117p/3,645p ytd/148,065p lifetime

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