Tuesday, February 12, 2013

21:120 Darkness Hunts by Keri Arhur

The 4th book in the Dark Angels series.  Risa is continuing to try and figure out where to find the keys that her father has charged her to find and who has stolen the first one that she found while continuing to struggle against her attraction to Lucian and with Azriel's refusal to deal with the attraction between the two of them.  Now in her search for answers, she has come across a serial killer on the astral plane, one who has been taunting the Directorate and who now has his sights set on her.

It feels like the main plot has been thrust off to the side and was barely a blip in the plot on this one.  It was good to see her finally send Lucian packing (although I doubt he'll stay away) but mostly I just found this book frustrating on so many levels.  Nothing that was hinted at in previous books was more than touched on briefly and instead a whole new thing that was, to all appearances, completely off track thrown in.  I'm hoping the next book gets back to the real story line again.

Page count: 389p/5,122p ytd/149,542p lifetime

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