Thursday, February 7, 2013

18:120 Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Edward and Lucy along with their cousin, Eustace, fall through a painting and land about Caspian's ship, The Dawn Treader, as Caspian and his crew search for seven lords who had been sent away by Caspian's uncle, Miraz, since they were intensely loyal to Caspian's father and Caspian himself.  Many adventures are had as they sail to the ends of the known world and beyond to find all seven of these lords.  In the end, they are all located (although not all are still living) and the children return home but are told by Aslan that they will not be returning to Narnia again.

Continuing to study the Narnia series with Jon.  It's a better adventure book although towards the end some of the stuff with Aslan gets pretty deep into the religious overtones.

Page count: 256p/4,148p ytd/148,568p lifetime

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