Thursday, February 7, 2013

19:120 Undead and Unreturnable by Mary Janice Davidson

The 4th book in the Queen Betsy series.  Betsy is finally planning her wedding to Sinclair and while she should be thrilled beyond belief, somehow the date keeps getting postponed and more and more things keep coming up.  There's pesky ghosts that are always wanting her to fulfill some last request so they can move on or the Ant wants her to babysit Baby Jon or there's a serial killer to catch.  Seriously, can't a girl catch a break when it's time to plan her wedding?

Another bubblegum read.  Betsy is ditzy and her friends put up with all her foilibles.  I'm kind of done with them for a bit tho.  I think I've done three in a row around other books and it's become a bit much so I'm off to read other things for a while before coming back to her.  I'm not annoyed enough to give up on the series but I can only take so much airheaded blonde.

Page count:  264p/4,412p ytd/148,832p lifetime

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