Friday, February 22, 2013

24:120 My Heart Lies South by Elizabeth Borton de Trevino

The story of an American woman's marriage to a Mexican and her assimilation into Mexican culture and appreciation for it's heritage.  Elizabeth was a reporter and one day her boss said "You know how you always wanted to go to Mexico?  See how far you can get on this and write a story when you get as far as you can."  In her travels, she met Luis who almost immediately started courting her, unbeknownst to her at that time.  In a scandalously short time (less than a year), they were married and she was moving to Monterrey, Mexico.  She tells of her trials and tribulations between their beliefs in how to act in any given situation and hers, where she found compromises and where she found that their ways worked just as well, about the love and respect that grew for her new family and the culture of her husband.  Originally published in 1953 and speaking about events mostly from the 30s.

I found this a nice, easy, enjoyable read.

Page count: 228p/5,940p ytd/150,360p lifetime

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