Saturday, February 16, 2013

23:120 Steel's Edge by Ilona Andrews

The fourth and final book in The Edge series.  Richard Mar is on a mission to destroy the slavers who have brought so much pain to his family.  Not just those particular slavers but he wants to bring down the entire support structure from the top down.

Charlotte de Ney is The Healer, a magic wielding healer without peer until the day comes when she finds that she cannot heal herself and she is infertile and her husband instead of standing with her, presents her with annulment papers and she feels a rage and a power to hurt flow through her.  She flees into The Edge and eventually is able to set up a new life where her magic is less potent but she can still heal well but not be tempted into darkness.  And then Richard lands on her doorstep, fatally wounded, and with the slavers hot on his tail.  They are now thrown together and Charlotte has darker powers than anyone ever imagined.  She will need them as the path they are on is very dark indeed and will lead to places they could never have imagined.

I'm saddened that this is the last book but at the same time, the plots that have woven these four books together have been brought to a close and I truly respect them that they are stopping until such time as they feel there is another good story to tell.  They are not simple romances where guy meets girl, beats his chest, and she falls into his arms.  There is a full story developed in each one with overreaching arcs throughout the four books.  Yes, each has it's own romance but those are not the only story and the stories are rich and full. The romances are as well as the characters dance around, learning about each other and finding their mutual commonalities.  Both sides of the romance are fully fleshed out with strong characters.  A strong series by a fabulous husband/wife author team.

Page count: 388p/5,712p ytd/150,132p lifetime

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