Friday, March 1, 2013

25:120 Cold Days by Jim Butcher

The 14th book of the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher.  In the last book, Harry was a ghost trying to help his friends deal with another problem in the real world but without being able to actually talk to them or affect things or use magic since he was incorporeal.  At the end of that book, we find that he had been only mostly dead but Mab and Demonreach have managed to bring his soul and body back together again and now he belongs to Mab as the price for being able to save his daughter.  He is now her Winter Knight and her first order, kill her daughter Maeve.  Now Harry has to try and figure out how to kill an immortal.  He tries to pull the lone wolf thing and not involve his friends but they find out of course and most get in on the action.  Through them, he also finds out that his island, Demonreach, is under attack and bad things are happening there which if he doesn't figure out how to stop it will blow half the midwest to pieces.  Never a dull moment in his life.

I am starting to have problems with this series.  I like Dresden.  I like the other characters but it just seems like it's become extremely formulaic.  Butcher won't kill off his characters so you know no matter how bad it gets, he will find someway for them to get out of it.  He'll change them a lot like when he let Michael be severely injured and no longer able to be a Knight of the Sword, but there is never a fear of them dying.  There is always something that should be totally undeatable but somehow, Harry ends up with enough power and dumb luck on how to use it that he can defeat them at the last minute.  Yes, he gets his a$$ whooped but he survives and they don't.  I really enjoyed the last book in that it was different because Harry couldn't swoop in and save the day because he was a ghost but now he's back with more power than ever as the Winter Knight.  I wish I didn't like the characters so much as I could just turn away from the books but the characters are likable so I'll probably continue until the "give me a break" factor becomes too high but that looks like to could get here sooner rather than later if things don't change.

Page count: 515p/6,455p ytd/150,875p lifetime

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