Thursday, March 28, 2013

42:120 Goofballs #4: The Mysterious Talent Show Mystery by Tony Abbott

The Talent Show is less than two weeks away and the Goofballs are eager to show off their goofy skills that aren't related to mystery solving...and then a mystery lands in their laps.  First a tuba goes missing, than the curtain is stuck, pages of the play are replaced minus a big speech, and then their teacher who is putting on the talent show and play disappears in a puff of smoke!  Leave it to the Goofballs to get to the bottom of these mysteries and save the day!

Another fun tale for the 7-9yr old crowd!  Tony Abbott definitely seems to be a genius when it comes to writing for them!

Page count: 108p/10,393p ytd/154,813p lifetime

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