Thursday, March 21, 2013

38:120 Goofballs #2: The Startling Story of the Stolen Statue by Tony Abbott

The Goofballs' school is getting ready to celebrate it's 100th anniversary with an assembly, special gifts, speeches...and a statue of the school's first principal.  But when the current principal goes to inspect everything a few hours before the assembly, he discovers the statue is missing!  He calls the Goofballs in to let them know that he appreciates the work he has done to get everything ready but that he will have to cancel.  Of course the Goofballs immediately go on the case but even when they find clues what do a broken pencil, a missing book, a skateboard, and a wet piece of paper lead to?  They'll have to figure it out quick to save the day this time!

Another cute little tale.  Again, these are based on action and humor not character development but that's appropriate for the target audience which they seem to please incredibly well going by the reaction of my 7yr old and they aren't too onerous for the adults who are commanded to read them either.

Page count: 102p/9,576p ytd/153,996p lifetime

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