Friday, March 29, 2013

New Releases I'm Looking Forward To: 2nd Quarter 2013

Ok, I'm going to try doing this at least once per quarter so I can let whoever reads this blog know what sounds good to me.  Let me state tho, this is really based on authors or series that I'm already reading since those are the things I follow.  I'm not paid to write this blog nor do I have any affiliations with any publishers so I don't receive free books or advance notice of things except what I glean off facebook from people who do have those contacts.  Maybe someday.

Blood Trade by Faith Hunter is coming out quickly and has shown me that I need to do this post a month before the quarter.  LOL    The Master of Mississippi is having problems with vamps who think that humans are simply here to be their food and these vamps are harder to kill than normal.  Can Jane figure out how to kill them while staying alive herself?

I admit, I'm a book behind in this series but that just means it's time to grab that book and start reading...quick!
Release Date: April 2

Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris is the conclusion to the Sookie Stackhouse series.  I know I'm going to read it but after the last one, I'm just not looking forward to it.  I hope we see some actual resolution and I do hope Sookie gets her HEA but this was a series that was hard for me to get into from the start and then got really good and then has cooled off again.  I think trying to force it to a certain length was a mistake as there have been a couple of books that really just felt like they were put in as filler and didn't add much to the overall series.
Release Date: May 7

Darkness Unmasked by Keri Arthur is the latest in her Dark Angels series.  Risa is still looking for the keys that everyone wants and is under watch by the vampire council as well.  This series has been frustrating as I like them but the main plot seems to only go somewhere every other book at most as Risa ends up dealing with her feelings for her two paramours a lot and getting sucked into some other mystery that has nothing to do with her main objective.  It looks like this one has her back on task and maybe some resolution about Lucien as well.  I can only hope.
Release Date: June 4

Wow, after how many came out first quarter, not so much coming out this quarter.  That's okay tho as it gives me time to try and get to things on my to-read pile and see about bringing that one down a bit.

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