Wednesday, March 20, 2013

35:120 Frost Burned by Patricia Briggs

The 7th in the Mercy Thompson series.  Mercy has finally recovered from her honeymoon and is trying to settle into her most demanding role, that of step-mother to Jesse.  To this end, she has actually agreed to do Black Friday shopping which is something she would normally avoid like the plague but when driving to another store, she is hit with a wave of pain and almost passes out and ends up in a car accident.  When she recovers, she heads back to her shop to figure out transportation and finds Ben, a pack wolf, there and injured who tells her that the entire pack has been captured and he had barely managed to escape.  Now Mercy must figure out who has her husband and their pack and why and how much danger they are in, not just the pack but her and Jesse as well.  Can Mercy find them in time and what sort of shape will they be in? And are these new assassins that are after her part of the same plot or a new threat altogether?

Another incredible book by Ms. Briggs.  It's been two years since the last Mercy Thompson book and while I've read some of her other books in the interim, I just love Mercy and have really missed her stories.  This is another can't miss in the Urban Fantasy field!

Page count: 343p/8,980p ytd/153,400p lifetime

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