Monday, January 21, 2013

12:120 Beauty and the Werewolf by Mercedes Lackey

The 6th book in the Tales of the Five Hundred Kingdoms series.  Isabelle is the daughter of a rich merchant with a stepmother and two stepsisters.  That is where the traditional tale ends as she has freedom and manages the household well, gets on decently with her stepmother and quite well with her stepsisters.  She prefers to speak her mind and doesn't have many suitors but she's okay with that and sees herself setting up her own herbal shop in a few years with the knowledge she has been getting from Granny.  That is, until the night when she is walking home from Granny's through the woods and is attacked by a wolf and bitten.  The next morning, she is taken from her home and escorted to the Duke's house and told to remain there for 3mos.  No explanation is given until the Duke greets her and informs her that he is a werewolf and is sorry for having bitten her but they have no idea how he became a werewolf so have no idea if she will turn or not. Thus begins her new life, one she could never have imagined.

I thoroughly enjoyed this one as usual.  Just a fabulous series.  Yes, I saw where it was going but there are always sidetracks along the way which are great fun and they are such lovely tales.  My biggest complaint is I have no idea when the next one will be out.

Page count: 408p/2,466p ytd/146,886p lifetime

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