Friday, January 25, 2013

14:120 Marika by Andrea Cheng

A story of a girl growing up in Budapest during WWII.  A girl with a Jewish last name and a broken family.  Her father is always thinking ahead, having her and her brother learn French and German, practicing the Catholic religion, taking Latin at school.  But when the war comes, none of that matters because of their last name.  They must wear the stars and move from their home.  They are separated.  They are shown kindness and evil and their lives are changed.

Based loosely on the story of the author's mother and from a child's perspective.  The story really starts when Marika is about 6yrs old and continues by touching on major points in her life through the German occupation and release by the Russians when she is about 14yrs old.  Rather than one continuous story, it's highlights of her memories which gives it a poignancy of it's own.  This is the child telling us her story as she remembers it.  Tidbits of the war but that seems so far away to her and the separation of her parents is a much bigger trauma in her young life.  Simply but beautifully told.

Page count: 163p/3,093p ytd/147,513p lifetime

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