Sunday, January 20, 2013

11:120 Undead and Unappreciated by Mary Janice Davidson

The 3rd book in the Queen Betsy series.  Things are still tripping up poor Betsy.  The vampires running her bar, Scratch, that she inherited after killing the last owner are total jerks.  Now the Ant has announced that she is pregnant and Sinclair has informed her that this is not going to be Betsy's only half-sibling.  Apparently the Ant was pregnant by Betsy's dad before they were married and had given the baby up for adoption.  When Betsy and Sinclair go to question the Ant about it, they discover that the Ant is missing the memories for almost an entire year which includes much of the pregnancy, birth, and first few months.  The Book of the Dead tells of The Queen's sister who is the Devil's daughter who is destined to rule the Earth so of course now Betsy just HAS to meet her new sister.  Turns out Laura is a super sweet girl raised by a minister and his wife who just happens to have command over hellfire.  Nothing that is going to come between sisters.  But then there is Sinclair....

Yep, completely fluff and bubblegum.  It's simple and fun and nothing serious.

Page count: 271p/2,058p ytd/146,478p lifetime

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