Thursday, January 17, 2013

10:120 Underworlds: Revenge of the Scorpion King by Tony Abbott

The 3rd book in the Underworlds series.  Owen, Dana, Jon, and Sydney have followed Loki into the Babylonian Underworld in an attempt to keep him from gaining control over the Babylonian monsters in his quest to set fire to Midguard (Earth), destroy Odin, and become ruler of Asgard.  In order to stop him, they must fight each of the monsters on their way up the tower to get the stones that control them and keep them from Loki.  Can four children manage to do what so many heroes have failed?  And what happens if they can't?

Another fast-paced adventure book for younger readers.  Nick continues to love the series and taking delight in telling me to catch-up.  Again, a great fun read for those who are just getting into chapter books and want something with action and adventure.

Page count: 103p/1,787p ytd/ 146,207p lifetime

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