Thursday, January 17, 2013

9:120 The Sleeping Beauty by Mercedes Lackey

The 5th book in the Five Hundred Kingdoms series.  The Queen is dead and The Tradition loves having a widowed king with a beautiful daughter to play with.  There are so many tragic endings with an evil stepmother and Godmother Lily is just not going to allow any of them to play out so instead she disguises herself and becomes Queen Sable, the evil stepmother, and while she plays her part well she is also keeping an eye out for Princess Rosamund's safety and any nasty tricks The Tradition will play to bring about a less than Happily Ever After.  Princess Rosamund knows nothing of the Godmother's presence in her life and is also keeping an eye out for The Tradition so when a Huntsman chases her into the woods, she is expecting a Snow White type Tradition of being saved by dwarves and finding her Prince Charming.  Instead, the dwarves that rescue her are mean and chain her to the kitchen to be their servant.  Godmother Lily discovers this and manages to help her escape but when she is put into an enchanted sleep, two strange princes show up out of nowhere.  Now she has princes in tow and upon returning home, they learn of the King's death.  Now Princess Rosamund and Godmother Lily must work together and with The Tradition to keep the kingdom from being torn apart by war but will this end up with a Happily Ever After for Princess Rosamund and her fair prince?

I just really love this series.  The way it pokes fun at the traditional fairy tales and turns things around is so cleverly done.  This one moved well for the most part with only a few slow chunks here and there and I think my biggest complaint is the cover art since Rosamund is a blonde and in the book it even mentions how she's more of a Sleeping Beauty stereotype rather than a Snow White but the cover shows her with looking much more Snow White.

Page count: 408p/1,684p ytd/146,104 lifetime

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