Friday, January 11, 2013

8:120 Underworlds: When Monsters Escape by Tony Abbott

The 2nd book in the Underworlds series for kids by Tony Abbott.  They've gotten Dana out from the Greek Underworld but only by promising Hades that they would return the Cyclopses that were released into their world within a week.  Brave words and now even braver deeds must follow if they are to pull that off and keep Dana free until her appointed time to travel to the Underworld.  However finding out that the Cyclopses are making armor for Loki which will make him invincible and they have a whole nother set of problems to deal with since Loki has now stated that he wants to burn the Earth in order to wage and win a war against Odin.  That would kinda suck for those of us still living here.  Owen and his friends aren't about to let that happen tho especially since he still has Orpheus's lyre and now Dana has stolen one of Loki's magical armor gloves that has really cool lightening attacks.

So really, not a lot to say about this.  It's all action with the occasional snarky comment from the characters.  It's introducing different ancient mythologies (so far Greek and Norse) and is entertaining for my little guy to read.  And read he is as he is devouring these books.  He seriously loves them and is putting aside video games in favor of these books.  Yeah, not my cup of tea since they are written for 7yr olds but you know what, the almost 7yr old LOVES it and it has encouraged him to read a LOT so for that, I will say that it is one of the most awesome series ever!

Page count: 103p/1,276p ytd/145,696p lifetime

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