Thursday, January 3, 2013

1:120 Marvel Civil War: Wolverine by Marc Guggenheim

Takes place during the the main civil war comics as Wolverine hunts down Nitro, the mutant that blew up the school and killed the kids in Stamford.  Nothing is quite what it seems tho as when he finally finds Nitro, there are others there as well looking for justice and Nitro claims it wasn't all his doing.  Wolverine actually delves deeper to find the money behind the mutant problems since when it doubt see who is making a profit.

Yeah, starting the year off with a bunch of comics as I get caught up with the boys in my house.  This one I really wish was a novel and not a comic.  Story line was good but the artistic style was AWFUL.  I had a hard time reading it because it was just ugly so I just plowed through so I could stop looking at it.  One of my biggest problems with comics is if it isn't pretty, I won't be back no matter how good the story is.

Page count: 168p/168p ytd

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