Friday, February 28, 2014

30:120 Insurgent by Veronica Roth

2nd book in the Divergent series.  The faction system is falling apart.  Eurdite has conscripted Dauntless to be their army after using a simulation to have them almost eliminate Abnegation. Half of Dauntless has chosen to remain as the force while the rest have been forced into hiding and are being hunted down.  Tris and Tobias go first to Amnity hoping for a safe haven but are soon forced to leave and try with Candor who are also forced to choose between sheltering them and war with Eurdite or hand them over and save themselves.  With no where left to go, they go to the Factionless where more surprises than they could ever imagine lay in store for them including a war that may end their way of life forever.

While I still enjoy the world, I had more problems with this book than the last one.  Tobias and Tris spend almost the entire book fighting and unable to understand each other but then deciding they are going to make it work before someone lies to the other one yet again.  It got old and tiresome and felt like a very forced ploy to get us to try and root for the star-crossed lovers.  I also found Tris to be a lot more whiny and behaving stupidly throughout the book.  I get mental anguish and trauma and everything but again, it felt that we were being beaten over the head with that (it was repeated in almost every single chapter by 1/4 of the way through the book) to try and get us to feel sorry for her but instead, I just saw her making stupid decision after stupid decision and I didn't feel it was truly believable so I spent a lot of time saying "Oh, come on, again!".  Also, the constant double/triple/quadruple crossing all usually for no good reason (I don't want to owe people so I'll keep changing side...REALLY???) just again, felt forced and like lazy writing.

Again, I like the world and the concept remains interesting but I think this one really suffered from lazy writing and heavy handed ploys.  I'm really hoping the last book is better.

Page count: 525p/6,718p ytd/187,710 lifetime

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