Saturday, March 8, 2014

31:120 The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell

Short story with a bonus alternate ending by another author.  Rainsford, a hunter, is on a boat for a trip when he is thrown overboard and washes up ashore on an unidentified island that is inhabited by General Zaroff who has set it up as his personal playground.  It turns out the General is a well seasoned hunter who has grown bored with the usual game animals and even the more unusual ones and has taken to hunting humans and Rainsford is about to become his latest prey.  The question is, who will come out ahead in a game of this sort with such skilled opponents?

I agree with Ralph Lagana who wrote the forward and afterword and rewrote the ending that the original ending is a bit abrupt and leaves much to be desired.  Ralph did a fair job with what I read of his ending but it didn't draw me in enough to go out of my way to find the whole thing.

Page count: 59p/6,777p ytd/187,769p lifetime

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