Sunday, March 16, 2014

32:120 Allegiant by Veronica Roth

The conclusion to the Divergent trilogy.  Tris and Tobias have heard the story and are now determined to see what lies beyond their city and discover the truth, together.  When they get there however, the truth is more complicated than they had ever imagined and those they thought they would be helping are not nearly as benevolent.  To save those they love in the city and stay true to themselves, they will have to fight harder than ever before and risk more than they can imagine.

I really enjoyed this one.  The second fell kind of flat but this one seriously picked up and carried me away.  The constant twists and never knowing who you could trust or believe as you are with Tris and Tobias trying to figure out what is going on was well done and I liked that the author didn't shy away from the harder things but let them happen and the consequences fall out naturally.  My only complaint is that while technically the POV shifts between Tris and Tobias, the voice doesn't so I would sometimes have to go back and look at the beginning of the chapter to figure out who was 'talking'.  Overall, I enjoyed the series.  The world was unique and well done, the characters grew and were easy to relate to for the most part, and the writing while simple for even for YA was not boring but rather easy to read and be carried away with.  If you like dystopian novels, I'd recommend these.

Page count: 526p/7,303p ytd/188,295p lifetime

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