Monday, March 24, 2014

34:120 Undead Pool by Kim Harrison

The 12th (and next to last) book in the Hollows Series.  Quinn has been gone with the girls to Elsabeth's so Rachel has been filling in as his bodyguard.  While on the golf course, she casts a minor spell to keep a ball from hitting Trent in the head and the ball explodes.  Turns out, it wasn't just Rachel or the golf course but the entire Chicago area that experienced magic gone awry with any spells cast or activated during that time working on an exponential scale.  Rachel starts investigating only to find out that there are waves of energy coming off the ley line that she created to save the Ever After.  Worse than all that, it appears that whatever is doing that is also causing all the vampires to sleep which is leaving the living vampires without protection or direction and they are running amok.  Can Rachel figure out what is causing all of this and put a stop to it before its too late for the entire city?

I absolutely LOVE this series and this was a fabulous installment.  I'm sorry that it will be wrapping up next year but I'm also happy to know that Rachel will be getting her HEA.  I loved that Rachel's friends totally had her back throughout this adventure, even when she was trying to protect them by going it alone and they wouldn't let her.  You can see the impact she has had on so many and it's a far cry from her life at the beginning of the series.

Page count: 423p/8,124p ytd/189,116p lifetime

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