Tuesday, February 25, 2014

25:120 Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein

Book club read.  Verity and Kittyhawk are the most unlikely of friends and if it hadn't been wartime, they likely never would have met and their friendship would never have been permitted.  Now their friendship has crashed them down in Nazi occupied France, an English pilot and a Scottish spy.  Verity continues with her mission but is caught early on and in a stroke of genius, manages to write out her confession and the story of their friendship while a captive of the very fortress she was there to destroy.  She knows that her life is over now, there is no way they will ever let her leave alive so she takes the time she is given and spills out their story while adding in just enough details to keep the Germans convinced they are getting what they want from her.

It is amazing that this is considered a YA book.  The character development and beautifully nuanced writing is superb.  I wish I had read it at a different time however as there has just been too many WWII books in my life in the past year and I'm now completely dulled to them and it makes hard to work up any sympathy or emotion of any kind for characters you know are almost certainly going to die.

Page count: 353p/5,164p ytd/186,157p lifetime

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