Thursday, February 13, 2014

23:120 Trouble on Reserve by Kim Harrison

Short story set in the world of the Hollows.  Quinn is off at Ellsabeth's with the girls and Trent needs a bodyguard for a standard business function so he hires Rachel.  Of course, it being Trent things are never that simple and when we join in, he is in a clandestine meeting on his boat with someone else and Rachel is hanging out with the other guy's bodyguard.  Things seem to go smoothly until they are leaving the parking area and Trent is hit with a tracking spell and they are most definitely being tracked and herded towards a kill zone.

Obviously they both get out alive since this takes place a few books ago but it's always nice to see how they manage with each other and it was nice to get a little taste of that world with the new book coming out so soon.  Can NOT wait!!!

Page count: 20p/4,616p ytd/185,609p lifetime

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