Friday, February 7, 2014

20:120 Crimson Veil by Yasmine Galenorn

The 15th book in the Otherworld series, told by Menolly.  Their father is still missing, Violet is still missing, they still know nothing about Lowestar and the god he wants to raise, another vampire bar is being targeted by what appears to be the same group that torched The Wayfarer, the magical storm that destroyed the Elven capital on Otherworld is moving towards the Dark Elves capital now, and two of the Kerrastar Knights are still unaccounted for.  That is just where this book starts!  Yeah, the crap is hitting the fan in a huge way as the war is definitely heating up and the sisters are trying their best to keep things from completely falling into chaos.  Menolly is being as stoic as she can but she needs to learn the hardest lesson of all which is how to let someone you love in.

Lots of action going on in this one but the main focus was definitely on Menolly and her relationship with the family, most especially her wife Nerissa.  It was lovely seeing them get married a few books ago and even better in some ways watching them grow and try to work on their relationship in this one.

Page count:  287p/4,232p ytd/185,225p lifetime

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