Thursday, February 27, 2014

29:120 The Ancient South Asian World by Jonathan Mark Kenoyer & Kimberly Heuston

Middle School History.  It's my second time reading this and here is my review from 4yrs ago:

The book covered from 400,000 years ago to about the time of the Huns invading South Asia. Yes, it's coverage in brief but it was a good introduction to the material. I knew a little about the Indus Valley people but hadn't heard of the Harrapan civilization before. So much of the history of that time period is lost which is a shame. I enjoyed reading more about their religion and how some things have developed, many things stayed the same for many, many centuries even while incorporating bits and pieces from so many other cultures through trade and conquest.

A vibrant and rich culture warmly explained for the middle schooler.

I'm sticking with that.  It really is an enjoyable read.

Page count: 172p/6,193p ytd/187,185p lifetime

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