Wednesday, February 26, 2014

27:120 Divergent by Veronica Roth

1st in the Divergent series.  It is testing day and Beatrice is scared of what the test will tell her.  Her family is in the faction of Abnegation, those who serve, but she feels selfish and unworthy.  She admires Dauntless, those who are daring, but isn't sure that is where she belongs either.  She lies easily so Candor is out and she is not peaceful enough for Amity but is she may be smart enough for Eurdite.  She doesn't know what to choose and is looking to the test to tell her where she belongs.  But then she goes into the test and is instead told that she is Divergent, one who doesn't belong only to one faction, and that if it is discovered she will be in danger.  At her choosing the next day, she chooses to join Dauntless and her new life begins.  One in which she must hide what she is and what she can do, where she must learn hard lessons in even harder ways if she is to survive.

Dystopian YA and will appeal to fans of The Hunger Games trilogy.  You have the requisite love interest but it's handled nicely.  The characters are interesting although I do find Beatrice to be a bit whiny and slow on the uptake a bit more often than I care for.  On the whole, I thought the world was intriguing and well done (ok, and I admit I liked that it's set in Chicago and we occasionally get glimpses of that) and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the trilogy.

Page count: 487p/5,699p ytd/186,692 lifetime

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