Tuesday, February 4, 2014

19:120 Dirty Magic by Jaye Wells

First book in a new series.  In a world of magic potions where the gangs have been replaced by Covens, Kate Prospero is a beat cop, dreaming of something more even as she hides her darker past.  You see, Kate will touch no magic, clean or dirty, now that she has left the Covens and vowed never to brew again.  Now a new potion has hit the streets, Grey Wolf, and it's more dangerous than anything that has ever come before and Kate is on the task force dedicated to bringing its creator and distributor down.  She wants this break more than anything...until the cost hits too close to home and she must ask herself how far is she willing to go?

I've had some other books by this author on my wishlist for a while now but didn't even realize it was the same as this author when this book was recommended to me by my local bookstore.  I'm going to have to go grab the other books by this author as this was fantastic!  Urban fantasy but without the usual suspects coming into play.  There are no witches, werewolves, or vampires playing here.  Yes, Kate and others have magic but they aren't witches.  The world is well built with consistent rules on how things work but this is explained to us as we go rather than through long expose.  It's dark and gritty, more like an episode of CSI but that makes it fresh and new as well.  Kate is very flawed but you can see yourself in her and the mistakes that she makes so easily.  Really can't wait for the next one!

Page count: 381p/3,945p ytd/184,938p lifetime

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