Wednesday, February 29, 2012

110:27 Kate Daniels Novellas & Shorts by Ilona Andrews

Curran  POV 1 - Interesting.  Not a short story but more a collection of scenes from the first book or two but seen through Curran's eyes and thoughts.

Fathers & Sons (POV 2) - Takes place right after Curran and the others get out of the death match ring.  He's not happy with how Kate has been treated and goes against Mahon to assert his right to choose his mate.

Curran POV 3 - A short scene between Jim and Curran where Jim fills Curran in on Kate's heritage.  Nice little backstory.

Magic Mourns - Finally get to see Andrea and Rafael hook up and get some more backstory on Andrea's character.  Really nice addition to the universe.

Magic Gifts - Beware gifts you don't know anything about.  Curran and Kate finally get to go on a date when a gentleman gives his lady friend a necklace which rips her head off.  In the aftermath, the girls mother ends up protecting the father by placing the necklace on her son instead and Kate only has a few days to get it off before it kills him too.  Love these fast-paced stories but more than that, I want to know what the heck is going on between Andrea & Raphael as they are on the outs big time at the end of this.  Have to wait for summer for her story and I just can't wait!!!

A Questionable Client - The story of how Saiman and Kate first met.  Love how she kicks butt in this one and seeing their relationship get started.

Page count: 305p/8,711p ytd

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  1. I Heart the Kate Daniels series so much. I'm going to be sad when it's over.