Friday, February 17, 2012

110:24 Thread of Death & Other Stories by Jennifer Estep

Thread of Death takes place after Spider's Revenge and before By a Thread.  Gin is finally healed enough to leave the house but all her friends are concerned since she's leaving to attend Mab's funeral.  Her reasoning is that Mab has been such a big part of her life since she was 13 that she wants to say good-bye in her own way. Of course, the funeral is attended by all the up-and-coming scum of Ashland who are trying to figure out who's going to be the next big boss of the underworld there, many of whom are enemies of the Spider.  Then the shots start ringing....

A nice bridge novel.  Sets up a few things that will hopefully get played out in the next book or two.

I also read all the other bridge and background stories she has on her website.  I really liked getting more background on the Deveraux sisters and getting Mab's story from her perspective and what her issue was with Gin's mother.  I love when author's put those kinds of things out for the readers.  They are stories that make the world that much richer but are generally hard to weave into the main books, especially if they are written in a first-person format so nice move Ms. Estep.

Page count: 90p/7,356p ytd

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