Monday, February 13, 2012

110:21 Rise Again by Ben Tripp

Yet another zombie book.  I admit tho, I was excited about reading this one because it had a good review on the cover  by Cory Doctorow who I think is an amazing writer.  As it turns out, I don't think I'll be listening to his reviews again.  The book was long and drawn out.  Character development didn't really start until about 20pages from the end.  Actually, scratch that.  The zombies did develop through the story which was really the only slightly interesting thing about it but since they so rarely showed up, it wasn't enough to save it.  The rest of the story was completely predictable and it was by sheer force of will that I actually finished it because all I could do when I had some free time was groan that I still wasn't done with it.   Maybe if you are a rabid zombie fanatic you can get into it but my recollection of it was "gross out scene"...blahblahblah..."insert pointless Iraq war memory during unconscious period here"...blahblahblah..."insert more pointless moaning about little sister and/or search for sister here"...blahblahblah....repeat endlessly

Page count: 371p/6,839p

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